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All work and not enough play

Well to honest too much time spent lying around being unwell. But hopefully a new year and new adventures. February is not quite over and some wonderful things in store.

Arts Excentrix is reviving our family friendly poetry gathering and competition called "Get On Your Feet”.

The concept, developed in the early nineties, involved established and emerging poets sharing their work in a very casual and light hearted context. The setting was a Cafe in Hahndorf after hours on the sidewalk with coffee, cakes and red wine available. Participants ranged in age from eight years old to others in their seventies. The current version will be held at the Organic Market Cafe in Druids Avenue Stirling. Supper and drinks will be available for purchase.

This is a competition in the most uncompetitive sense. All those who attend put in gold coin into a kitty and are given a piece of paper and a pencil to make “notes”. At the end of the evening a silent vote and tally are held and the collection of coins is given to the winner. The process is fun, light hearted and often hilarious. The point of the event is to bring people together to share the spoken word in a context that is unthreatening and engaging, both a social gathering and a celebration of the power of the spoken word.

For more information contact Andrew on 0435 081 756.

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