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I have always loved designing and painting scarves and have done so since the early 70's. However, today it is possible to use digital printing to reproduce the complexity of a handpainted scarf and it is an opportunity I relish.


Each scarf begins as a full scale drawing on watercolour paper. Each detail is handcoloured with pencil and ink before scanning to produce the digital file which is printed onto my choice of fabric. Just as I have always done with my handpainted silks, the fabric is steam set, washed and finished.


The result is an exquisite artwork in the form of a scarf.

My favourite silk for colour and drape is Crepe de Chine which I have used for the Spring and Summer collections.

For earthy tones and elegant simplicity I have used beautiful soft and luxurious silk wool. Both men and women will find these  mid season scarves perfect for many occasions.

For the most recent scarves and shawls I have used feather light pure wool. The closest comparison is probably cashmere.

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